Terms of use

The services of uberbahn.com must be used exclusively for legal activities. All service proveído in the network of uberbahn.com is subject to fulfill the Terms and Conditions of Use (in the future “TYC?). uberbahn.com will be only the authorized one in deciding what a violation of anyone of these dispositions is constituted, if it has some doubt on the same or he is not safe on if what wishes to transmit by means of our services is allowed, please contacts to us. The fulfillment of any disposition will give as result the suspension of its service and, in extreme cases and according to the gravity, the cancellation or additional collections by the abuses of our servers or network.

Activation of the Service

The service registers after to have confirmed the payment of the client in a term inferior to 72 hours capable, usually is in less time. , By policies nevertheless on watch first the payment is verified and soon it is come to register to the client in addition to the other configurations of the service.

Payments and Renovations

The payments will have to be realised by bank deposit, electronic transference. The alert of the renovation of their services is sent to their e-mail with days of anticipation to the date of expiration, will be suspended in case of not making the payment of the service and the reactivation will have a $20 cost of USD; if passed 5 days the service still it presents positions, this it will be terminated completely. Hostingwebmexico.com reserves the right to suspend and/or to cancel its services contracted without mattering that these are phelp and/or they do not have relation with the service with which it has debit, for the purposes of which realises its corresponding payment. When the client does not renew the contracted services loses the right to the control and use of domain as well as of pages contracted within his plan or contracted service, reason why uberbahn.com reserves the right of exclusive use of this same one in case of its renovation to be rented or to be resold to another client who interests the service to him.


    Hostingwebmexico.com believes in the freedom of expression, nevertheless, any content and/or connects to, or written, visual or implicit; it will not be tolerated and it is reason for suspension and/or cancellation immediate of the service without right to reimbursement concerning, and without excluding others:
    Sites for adults (pornography generally, hentai, sex shop, escort, etc.)
    Racism or prejudices by the color, creed or beliefs.
    Obscene or offensive language towards any person, event, organization, etc.
    Violent, malicious and/or terrorist content.
    Sites of Warez, unloadings and/or pirate software of any type.
    Pirate emulators, games, ISOS, Roms, etc.
    Programs, information and/or archives of hacking.
    Serial numbers, cracks, generators of key (Keygen), etc.
    Any information, data or material that put in danger any servant of our network or Internet, this include, without limiting a: Shells PHP, ASP, CGI/Perl, RoR; virus, Trojans, worms, exploits, etc.

 Any information data to material that violates the author rights, of intellectual property, patents, commercial brands, secrets, among others; this includes, without limiting a: songs, videos, films, programs, games, scripts, templates.

    It is strictly prohibited:
    We give of any type.
    To provide gratuitous services, including and without limiting a: Web hosting, post office, forums, blogs, file storage and/or images (example: rapidshare.com, imageshack.us).
    To send massive post office and/or Spam.
    Streaming de Audio /Video, Radio/TV, Podcast, etc.
    Sites/scripts that use majors resources of the servant to the specified ones in “You limit of use of resources?.
    Scripts of proxies, music/videos rapidlech, scanners, shipment of post office, mail anonymous/bombers, etc.
    To create tasks programmed with intervals of tiepo smaller to 15 minutes.
    To run any type of application in the servant, this includes, without limiting a: Shoutcast, bittorrent, proxies, eggdrop, bitchx, xircon, psybnc, sniffers, exploits, ddos scripts, games in line, robots IRC, to webcrawler.

 All that to rapidshare, mega and resemblances; IRC, torrents, p2p, piracy, robbery, frauds and similars.

Hostingwebmexico.com reserves the right to clear all the content that is considered unsuitable, being to our whole discretion, additionally, the accounts that make unsuitable use of the service will be suspended and the holder would be subject to a penalty. It is why, uberbahn.com reserves the right to suspend and/or to cancel the service without previous warning.

Hostingwebmexico.com reserves the right to add, to modify or to eliminate any policy contained here, at any time and without previous warning. The conducted changes will begin to prevail once created.

Note: Not to have knowledge of the Terms and conditions of use or its update, it does not define it of any fault or responsibility.