Who We are?

Uberbahn is based on the year of the 2006 as all company of hosting, including vps hosting company we were in search of a company of lodging in Mexico. After proving many companies, to migrate of a supplier to another we realized of which a company did not exist that it had what we needed.

In Mexico there was no a company of Hosting that could offer cheap ssd vps services of quality to a reasonable price, amiable support and an interface practical where to administer the contracted services. There was also no company that can provide cheap web hosting unlimited bandwidth in a good condition or quality. Not only that, they also are not offering software such as MySQL along with the hosting plans. It was really hard to find a cheapest dedicated server provider that gives a good service.

It is as well as it is born Uberbahn with the mentality to offer services of quality to low prices, an amiable support and always prepared to help our clients. We know that he is tedious and troublesome that the companies speak to you with terms that often we do not know and they ask to you to make things that we do not know to do, is for that reason that we decided to change that and to offer the services to you of the simplest way and practices.

After perfecting our attention to the client we decided to center our efforts in having an infrastructure of high quality, it is thus when in 2007 we migrated all our infrastructure to a datacenter specialized, and nowadays we offer a service of high redundancy to an extremely accessible price.

We are always innovating to be able to offer the best solutions for your presence in Internet.


We were in charge of all the process of migration from their present servant. Our equipment will work hard to out of line guarantee a transference without preoccupations nor time.


It creates an incredible website in a matter of minutes, by means of our constructor of websites with technology to drag & to drop. It chooses between hundreds of groups of professional design.


An administrator of domains who facilitates the life. It is very simple to add, to update, to administer and to transfer all domains from a single place.

E-MAILIt creates limitless accounts of e-mail, it enjoys a safe support for POP3 and IMAP, and much more! Being shines more professional with a This email address email address is protected from spambots. You need Javascript enabled to view it.



We take care of doubts or commentaries about the contracted services, hosting, domainServices.


From Wordpress, Joomla! and Drupal to more than 300 installed gratuitous applications of free code in a click. There are no limits so it can obtain.

Our Clients

  • Our clients know that they are in good hands and we know to value them.
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